Room Reservation Form for a Non-Church Event hosted a Non-Member

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Please note: $200 per hour after 8:00pm on Saturday will be applied. If party exceeds the 3 hour time period, an additional $25 per 15 minutes over will be due. (i.e. Ending time: 6:00 - if party is not vacated by 6:15 the $25 is due, 7pm - $100; 8pm-$200 etc.)
(Please note special equipment will need approval and an additional fee may apply.)
By checking this box, I have read and understand the Procedure for Use of Property by a Non-Member. I understand that I am responsible for any damages to the building while I am using the building, and necessary repairs are my financial responsibility. I also understand that should my use extend beyond the end time, I am responsible for further custodial fees. *