Christian Education


Bible 101 - Learn how to read the Bible understanding it as one story.  This class breaks the Bible down into two halves of the Old and New Testaments.  Participants will learn the Law, History, Wisdom and Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Life of Christ through the Gospels, History of the Early Church, Paul's Letters, Other Letters, and End Time Prophecies.      


Catechism 101 - Learn the Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Confessions of Faith.


New Membership - Interested in becoming a member of Grace Church?  Learn what we believe, our history, and where we are headed.  Not only will you learn about the church, we will learn about you and what you are looking for in a church home.  This class is required in order to become a member.  (Bible 101 is a prerequisite to the New Membership Class)


Spiritual Gifts - If you are wondering about being utilized in the church but you just aren't sure what you are gifted to do then this class is a good fit for you.  This class teaches about the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Not only will you learn about the various different gifts, but you will examine ways that your gift(s) can be used in current ministries, or see what it would take to develop and start the ministry that God is placing on your heart.


Preaching and Speaking - Do you have a desire to teach the Word of God?  This class will help you to develop your speaking abilities.  It will teach how to do exegetical work on text, allowing you to formulate grounded and Biblical Based messages. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own message and present it.


Christianity 310 - So you became a Christian some time ago.  You gave your life to the Lord and maybe even took some kids on a youth trip; however, your relationship with the Lord has in some way become stagnant or routine.  This class helps to look at what can be done in the "Seasoned Christian's" Life, to rejuvenate, revive, enhance, or add more dynamic to their preexisting relationship with the Lord.  It's time to go deeper in your relationship, no more living through your past glory days of your walk with Christ.


Develop Your Apprentice - Before we retire, we have the responsibility to train someone to do what you have done.  Who will take over for you when you decide to sit down?  Rather you are working in an office at the church, have been a faithful volunteer over the years, or do some sort of small ministry on the side, someone needs to learn how to do what you have done so they can run with your legacy.  This class helps to mentor others and pass on to them your torch.