Family Matters Conference
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Family Matters Conference

The purpose of this conference is to equip the family to have more opportunities at success. It is designed to give vital and relevant skills to individuals, couples, parents, grandparents, and whoever finds themselves in need of Family Life Training that is centered around various topics. Our desire is to engage our community with practical teachings and life skills while charging the least amount possible to the people.

We have workshops on marriage, parenting, grief and loss, self harm, financials, and other topics. This event is open to the community. This is an adult conference. Childcare is not available. Participants will select from five choices for each of the three workshop sections.

Cost: $10 Individual        $15 Couple

8:15 Doors Open - Continental Breakfast and registration 

Descriptions of workshops available below.

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Session 1

How To Love My Wife

Session Content: This workshop focuses on tools and actions that will help your wife feel loved. Teaching practical skills that will go over the top with your bride. Learn how to respond to the question/statement..., "You don't love me."

Presenter: Pastor Childress (PC)


How to Respect My Husband

Session Content: The Respect He Desperately Needs. Practical ways on loving and building up your husband joyfully and without fear.

Presenter: Eunice Childress


Help Me I Have a Teenager

Session Content: So your little toddler is now all grown up in their mind. The teen years can be tough to navigate for them. Just as hard as it is for them, it is even harder on the parent. Come and learn some good tips and relationship ideas that will keep you in touch with you teen who thinks you are out of touch. Sure, you kids may say that they wish you were like someone else's parents, but we think you are better if you remain yourself.

Presenter: Renae Fentress


Single Parenting

Session Content: Help! Am I really looking for a new spouse or do I need to hire a maid? Being a single parent is no easy task. How can a person do the husband and the mother job by themselves? Is there balance to the chaos, and how do I eliminate chaos from my day to day? Is it possible to set boundaries when I am outnumbered? What do I, should I, do with my ex while trying to raise our child?




Session Content:  Moving from check to check and from debt to more NSF. How to manage your finances so there is more money than month. Learn how to be in control of your finances with budget thinking, debt elimination, and smart savings. Becoming wealthy with what you have. Living today by thinking about tomorrow so you can, "leave a will and not a bill."

Presenter: David Childress


Workshop Session 2

Dealing with Cutting and Self Harm

Session Content: Self-harm: This workshop will discuss practical information including definitions of self harm, reasons people engage in self harm, warning signs to watch for, and how to support a child or loved one who is struggling.  We will explore the self-sabotaging cycle of self harm and how this behavior can become similar to an addiction.  Knowing that someone you love faces this serious struggle can lead to feelings of confusion, fear, and even frustration. You are not alone!

Presenter: Bethany Casson


There is a Screen Attached to My Teen

Session Content: My child always has a screen in front of him. How can I relate to them when their screen is all they look at? Should I set boundaries and limits or just let them go? Are there any real dangers of them being on the phone? What are all of these apps and social media accounts? If you have been asking questions like these plus others, this is a place for you.

Presenter: Renae Fentress


Arguing in Marriage: How do we just get along

Session Content: He is mad. She is mad. You won the argument, but you distanced yourself from your spouse in the process. How to win arguments with your spouse.


Am I the Grandparent or Parent

Session Content: So I raised my kids, but I have kids back in my house. I went from hatch-lings, to empty nestter, and now I am chasing around baby chicks all over again. Where am I supposed to get the energy and strength to do this all over again? If I am the grandparent, do I have the choice and privilege to say no?!



Dating Smart

Session Content: Practical ways on how to engage in a relationship without compromising who you are. Dating with purpose.


Workshop Session 3

Dealing With Loss and Grief

Session Content: Grief: We all face grief in our lives, often when we least expect it or feel least prepared. We grieve when we loose a person or relationship and also in situations such as loss of security or health. While we may go through stages if grief, it is never a clear cut, step by step process, especially when grieving as a family. This workshop will discuss strategies to navigate the grieving process individually and as a family as well as ways to find and provide support in the midst of loss.

Presenter: Bethany Casson


I’m a New Parent

Session Content: My baby is just being a baby right? He cries and stops to eat before he cries some more. How do you navigate being a new parent, with personal needs, spouse needs, work demands, and etc. Where is the instruction manual for my child?

Presenter: Jeremy Boss


Blended Families

Session Content: In today's society, blended families have become normal. How do you blend family? What is normal? How long does the process of blending take? What can I do to help facilitate the blending process without loosing my self and my mind? What is the "Blended Family Formula?"



Bringing God into My Household

Session Content: Do you want to develop a Godly atmosphere at your house? Your house may not be the church, but you don't have to wait until you get there before you can talk about God. Learn how to incorporate God into your weekly living. From conversations to devotionals, family prayer time to pausing for Scripture reading, you have the ability to introduce and incorporate it into your house.



Marriage 101

Session Content: Marriage. It will be as good as you work on it to be. Now that you have been married for 1, 5, or 50 years, how do you grow as a couple, keep spice in the relationship, have good conversation and not sit on opposite couches while watching your spouses TV show that you can't stand? Let's discuss the elements of marriage that can rejuvenate and catapult your marriage to more than expected no matter what stage of marriage you are in. This is for those whose marriages are doing awesome and those who are ready to throw in the towel.

Presenter: Pastor Childress (PC)


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