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A WEDDING is meant to be a significant event in the life of those who enter marriage. The founding of a Christian home by individuals who seek God’s guidance and blessing is important to Christ’s people and His church. The people and pastors at Grace Church are anxious to join in helping to provide the kind of service to those requesting the use of church facilities and properties for the instituting of a Christian marriage. Since we want your wedding ceremony to be as meaningful and beautiful as possible, guidelines have been established by the Session of Grace Church. 
The use of the church facilities and the services of the pastor should be a first thought in planning for a church wedding. Setting the date and obtaining the services of one of our pastors can be made through the church office or by contacting the pastor personally. A Wedding Application, must be filled out and signed by both applicants and submitted to the church office prior to your appointment with the pastor. After your first meeting with the pastor, you will be asked to make your request for marriage to the Session. If the request includes having a pastor other that a pastor Grace Church to perform the ceremony, then approval for such a request must also be given by the Elders. 

For more information on the fees, guidelines and policies of a wedding at Grace Church contact the Church Office

May God bless you in these days of preparation for one of the most important steps in your life