12 Month Goals and Swim Lanes


Our Goals

As we narrow our focus for the next 12 months, we decided to focus on four goals. Our goals are simple: Connect to God, Connect Our Members, Reach Our Community, and Be God’s Stewards. In this season we believe God is calling us to strengthen our church in these areas.

connecting to god.jpg

1. Connect to god

If we aren’t going to connect to God intentionally, then we are missing the whole point.


2. connect our members

Our motto is “let’s do life together.” At Grace we want to have genuine relationships with the people who come through our doors. It is in relationships we strengthen bonds between God and others.


3. reach our community

God has called us to be His disciples. As Jesus found a way to be relational with people wherever He went, we too want to be relational to the people here in our community.

gods steward.jpg

4. god’s stewards

We are God’s stewards. A steward is the manager of the household. The steward is not the owner of the assets, but is responsible for the owner’s property. Grace Church doesn’t belong to us, the people, but it is our responsibility to take care of it.


Swim Lanes

We have identified actions steps to accomplish these goals — we call them “swim lanes.” If we all choose a lane to swim in, we have the ability to reach our goals together. This is a movement about the Lord and His people! Let’s swim together.

Lane 1: Develop Men to Be Leaders

Let’s restore God’s men to be the priests, warriors, and kings that God has called them to be. Click image for more….

Lane 2: Mission Minded

Reaching the younger generation and ever-changing American culture can be a challenge, but one we are grateful to accept! Click image for more….

Lane 3: Connect our Members

Let’s connect everyone so we can create new, fun and meaningful memories that revolve around authentic relationships. Click image for more….

Lane 4: Christian Education

One of our Core Values at Grace is to make disciples. We can, and must, have a sense of urgency of developing people who can independently read and interpret the Bible. Click image for more….

Lane 5: Be God’s Stewards

The Church is never meant to be finished, but an ongoing journey of beauty and development. We are God’s stewards; let’s take care of the place He’s asked us to take care of. Click image for more….

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